Most of us know about the best CPAP (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure) devices. Rest of you who don’t know about CPAP machines for them let me tell you there are thousands who suffer from sleep apnea.

Good sleep is enjoyable to everyone, but is it enjoyable to your partner too?

Maybe the answer is no.

You may wonder why the reason is your flawed breathing. Your breathing should be effortless, constant and smooth as well. If you or your partner suffer from these sleeping disorder hurry up you should consult a doctor. This can help your health issues take to the worst stage. It snatches all the benefits that you can get from your sleep. Sleep apnea can bring some complications i.e.

  1. Can make you feel doused.
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Heart problem.
  4. Irregular heartbeats.
  5. Metabolic syndrome.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. Liver problems.
  8. High blood pressure problems.
  9. Increases the chance of the heart attack etc.

Sleep apnea is a condition when you breathe irregular. Sleep apnea includes different types fast one is obstructive apnea, which is the most common type. The second one is central sleep apnea, and the last one is mixed apnea which is the worst type apnea this can increase the chances of heart attack, high blood pressure, heart problems etc. Or you may meet an accident during some activity like you can fall asleep while driving or working. 



How The Best CPAP Device Works:

If you can’t sleep with a gentle breathing process you should go for a checkup. In such cases, doctors refer some CPAP Machines, which makes your breathing process easy. Now you may think how.

  • CPAP therapy uses positive air pressure to hold the airway open during sleep. These devices generate positive air pressure by a pump called a CPAP machine which is applied through a small mask which fits over the nose, or the nose and mouth.
  • Breathing difficulties may cause snoring problems. A CPAP machine workes by preventing structures in the airway from vibrating. It maintains an open airway to allow your body to breathe normally and minimizes the chances of heart attack, high blood pressure and lets your body to face many more serious diseases.
  • Sleep apnea means the airways become narrow and obstruct breathing and your body oxygen level starts to imbalance. CPAP prevents the airway from becoming narrow and obstructs breathing. When an optimal pressure is applied through the mask, you can breathe regularly without any barrier. As a result, your body’s oxygen levels remain stable.

Adequacy of CPAP machine

CPAP machine is a therapeutic device it helps the patient to able proper breathing by opening up the nasal passage. Sometimes doctors also recommend some featured CPAP depending on your problems. These devices help people magically. If you’re not familiar with CPAP machine let me clear your concept of the features and benefits of a best CPAP device before making your purchase.

  • This device prevents flawed breathing.
  • Treats obstructive apnea.
  • This device can make you sleep silently.
  • It prevents snoring.
  • Makes blood pressure comparatively normal.
  • It prevents heart problem.


Compare 5 Best CPAP Machines

1. Apex medical iCH II auto machine with PVA and built-in heated humidifier (second generation):

  • It is super compact and quiet.
  • The standard CPAP hose fits all masks.
  • 2 years of warranty by the manufacturer.

2. APEX medical XT-fitCPAP machine:

  • It’s opted for travel.
  • It is a light weighted machine.
  • It doesn’t make noise.

3. APEX medical Stainless Steel XT CPAP machine:

  • It provides the most optimal humidification.
  • The heater automatically shuts down to avoid exposure
  • It provides air for therapy comfort.

4. Xt-auto CPAP machine with heated humidifier:

  • One of the smallest CPAP.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It’s a travel-friendly machine.
  • It is light weighted.

5. REMstar system one auto CPAP w/A flex & humidifier:

  • It has Auto-dimming LED facility.
  • It has a detachable humidifier.
  • It provides flow-based pressure relief.

These are the TOP 5 Machines we’ve selected these after 7 days of several experiments (Led by Ofer Jacobowitz) to find which are the best CPAP machine according to our expert. Let’s get familiar with these products briefly.


Apex medical iCH II auto machine with PVA and built-in heated humidifier (second generation):
This machine is not an average Therapy machine. It has the newest technology for comfort.The Apex Medical iCH Auto is a super quiet and compact Auto-CPAP machine with clinical effective Auto Pressure Adjusting Technology and Built-In Heated Humidifier. It is a perfect high-performance machine with PVA for home daily use. With heated humidifier included, this is one of the most compact and travel-friendly CPAP system on the market. The dimension of the system is 6.5″ x 7.8″ x 6.9″ (W x D x H) and weight is only 2.5 lbs. The universal power supply that works with 110 – 220 V and 50 – 60 Hz.

Features & Benefites:

  • Super compact and quiet.
  • The system comes with CPAP machine, standard CPAP hose, Travel Bag, Power Supply, instruction manual, SD Card and USB cable.
  • Standard CPAP hose will fit all masks.
  • Pressure Variation Algorithm (PVA) is a technology designed to provide relief to patients who experience CPAP pressure discomfort.
  • It reduces pressure at the start of exhalation and returns to the prescribed pressure at the commencement of inhalation.
  • It features include Sleek/Modern Look, Built-In Alarm Clock, Therapy Results on Display, Leak Compensation, Auto Altitude Adjust, and one of the smallest footprint.
  • It saves about 50% of space on the nightstand than most systems on the market. Space saving is due to the innovative vertical integration of humidifier design.
  • Neuroscience medical provides technical support on machine setup and therapy questions by email or over the phone. This works with you individually to ensure your therapy is properly set up.
  • To get this free service, you must purchase from Neuroscience Medical. This product comes with 2 years of warranty by the manufacturer.


  • Contains built-in alarm clock.
  • Adjustable auto altitude, leakage controller.
  • Portable, sleek and compact.
  • Adjusts the CPAP pressure automatically.
  • Comes with a soft travel case.


  • There is nothing as such disadvantages but sometimes it’s hard to remove the water tank.


APEX medical XT-fit CPAP machine:   One of the smallest travel CPAP on the market with great pricing. The power supply is built-in so only a cord is external. Super compact and quiet. This is a straight CPAP, not an auto mechanic. It contains CPAP machine, CPAP hose, travel bag, user instruction, and power cord. The power supply is built-in so only a cord is external. Super compact and quiet. The dimension of the machine only is (W x D x H) 5.8″ x 5″ x 3.9″. Weight is 1.76 lb.


  • One of the smallest travel CPAP in the market with great pricing.
  • The power supply is built-in so only a cord is external. Super compact and quiet.
  • Works for travel or permanent home use purposes. This is a straight CPAP, not an auto mechanic.
  • The universal power supply is built-in. Works with 110 – 240 V and 50 – 60 Hz.
  • The product includes CPAP machine, CPAP hose, travel bag, user instruction, and power cord.
  • Seems like, the manufacturer is concern about highly experienced technical reps, and tried to provide.


  • Opt for travel.
  • Reasonable light weighted.
  • Does not make noise.


  • Not very clear operating controls.

APEX medical XT heated humidifier:

The XT Heated Humidifier integrates perfectly with the XT line of machines from Apex to provided heated, moisturized air for therapy comfort. When the water chamber is removed from the heater plate. And the heater automatically shuts down to avoid personal exposure to a heated surface plate. This is the humidifier chamber and cord ONLY. It has 6 heating levels. It contains a 100v-240v, 50/60Hz, universal power supply. Its dimension (W x D x H) is 13” x 16.75” x 26” (36.75 H inches while the lid open).

It’s weight 1.37 lb (620g). Its reservoir CPAPcity is 450ml. it contains a humidity output (ISO 8185) ≥ 10 mgH2O/L. And its max heater plate temperature is 70°C (158°F).

It’s advanced design gonna last over 200,000 steps – that’s more than 20 steps a day for over 25 years!(Guaranteed by Manufacturer)


  • It is provided heated, moisturized air for therapy comfort.
  • It has an extensional tool when the water chamber is removed from the heater plate, the heater automatically shuts down to avoid personal exposure to a heated surface plate.
  • It provides the most optimal humidification according to individual needs.
  • XT Heated Humidifier is integrated with XT series CPAP system.
  • It has 6 heating levels.


  • Small travel machine.
  • Helps you to keep a check on your sleep therapy.
  • Noiseless and contains easily adjustable settings.
  • Portable and does not take much space in baggage.


  • It maintains bit difficult operating controls.


Xt-autoCPAP machine with heated humidifier: This XT-autoCPAP machine is super quiet and smallest CPAP travel machines available in the market with great pricing. The power supply is built-in so only a cord is external. Super compact and quiet. The dimension of the machine is (W x D x H) 5.8″ x 5″ x 3.9″. Weight is 1.76 lb. this is one of the most frequently used machines for travel or permanent home use purposes. This is a machine with auto-titration and compliance data feature. It also has universal power supply is built-in. Works with 110 – 240 V and 50 – 60 Hz. The product includes CPAP machine, 6′ hose, travel bag, user instruction, SD card, USB cable, and power cord.


  • Traveling with your Xt-autoCPAP machine is now even easier.
  • It has universal power supply is built-in.
  • Portable and does not take much space in baggage.
  • This is a machine with auto-titration and compliance data feature.
  • It also has universal power supply is built-in.


  • Smallest portable CPAP machine
  • Reasonable price
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Light weighted.


  • It does not contain a heated humidifier.


REMstar system one auto CPAP w/A flex & humidifier:

A-Flex is designed to work with Respironics’ clinically proven auto CPAP algorithm to improve comfort even more by matching pressure delivery to the patient’s entire breathing cycle. Like C-Flex, Bi-Flex. The pressure profile mirrors the patient’s breathing, and with the auto algorithm intelligence, it will respond to the patient’s therapeutic need throughout the sleep session.The machine then makes adjustments for optimal flow depending on your mask. Each Respironics mask will now come with a resistance control setting letting you know how to set your machine to match your mask. 

Philips-Respironics has upgraded their event detection algorithm to include data on Snoring, Periodic Breathing (PB), Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals (RERAs), Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), leak, Clear Airway Apnea (CA), Obstructed Airway Apnea (OA), Flow Limitation (FL), and Hypopnea (HY). The PR System One uses an SD card for data collection. Prior to the System One, patients were required to use a specialized card reader when uploading sleep data to a computer. Philips-Respironics has made this process easier by using the standard SD card.


  • A-Flex provides flow-based pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation.
  • A-Flex softens the pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation to provide additional comfort in an auto-CPAP mode.
  • The System One resistance control allows the patient to tell the machine what type of mask you are using such as a nasal, full face, or nasal pillow.
  • This will also record Patterns of use and Flow waveform data so that your physician will be able to better determine the best possible solutions for your sleep therapy.
  • If the REMstar Pro detects that any of these events are about to occur, it will adjust pressure accordingly to compensate for the event.
  • Philips-Respironics has made this process easier by using the standard SD card.


  • It has Auto-dimming LED facility.
  • Upgrade you with multiple data related to sleep apnea.
  • Detachable humidifier.
  • Controls your breathing and also contains adjustable pressure control.


  • This is a heavy weighted machine.

Things Should Consider Before Buying a CPAP Machine

As there are many choices in the market sometimes customers get confused what will be the best one for the patient. It is very important to get that right one otherwise the risk of a sudden accident will increase. Let’s now go through the various criteria that should be considered while you shop for new sleep apnea equipment, i.e. the best CPAP machine.


  1. Easy Maintenance: If a CPAP machine has a very critical maintenance process then it’s not the right choice. CPAP machine should be easy to clean and maintain so look for those machines which have easily removable parts and replaceable filters. It increases the machine’s lifespan.
  2. Size and Weight: Every device offers different sizes and weights. Some product may not suit you for their weights and sizes. There are varieties of size available in the market, and as per your requirement, you have to pick one of the devices. If you are a traveler then you should think about a compact device which includes the needed features for you in an easily transportable package. Or if you are not a traveler then a multi-featured or a big machine could opt so that your needs get fulfilled.
  3. Flexibility: The machine should be flexible enough. If you need to travel most of the times and are a patient of sleep apnea, then you must go for a light weighted device it’ll help you to take breath properly and you will be able to carry it during your travel time. So check out for a compact and light-weighted machine, so that it doesn’t take a lot of storage space.
  4. Battery: As CPAP machines need to be charged. CPAP machine becomes meaningless if you cannot charge it up. So that kind of machines should have a portable battery along with the adapter. So find such CPAP devices so that it can be useful in case of some emergency time you may charge it up and sleep peacefully.
  5. Carrying case, removable humidifier: TSA approvals are durable medical equipment. You can take it separately carry-on in flights, and a carrying case helps you to pack the CPAP machine and its spare parts quickly, while a removable humidifier helps you to lighten your baggage while traveling. All these features contribute to a good CPAP machine and keep your journey towards sleep, relaxed.
  6. Comfortably: Who cannot sleep comfortably they can use a CPAP machine so that should be comfortable for its users so that you don’t have to struggle for breath throughout the night.
  7. Sound disturbance: Many of the CPAP machines makes a lot of noise while using them, which disturbs your sleep tremendously. Pay attention to that product which makes noise so that you can get the worthy benefit from your investment.
  8. LED or LCD: Many people like to read before sleep. If you are one of them to study your sleeping cycle on your own and don’t want to spend the excess amount in a doctor’s chamber, then you should go for a machine which has display options for pressure readings. Parameters, and statistics, breathing waveforms, etc.
  9. Some other functions: Many APCPhas some additional feature like clock and radio function.If you want this additional feature in your CPAP machines, then check out the one which has them and helps you wake up at the said set time and sleep listening to music.
  10. Leakage: Ensure that the mask you purchase for the machine fits in properly so that there is no leakage. Leakage can create a problem for those who have facial hair and the air pressure diminishes, which leads to poor sleeping quality.
  11. Good brand: Health is the first priority we should have.And so that you should always opt for a branded and reputed CPAP machine. They may charge more resulting they will offer you several other accessories along with the best possible after-sales services, with a guarantee to never get damaged.

Some Drawbacks of CPAP Machines

  • As CPAP machines arrange the air to pass through nose and mouth so this procedure may lead to a dry throat if you continuously use a device without a humidifier.
  • CPAP treats the symptoms of OSA. If you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea then and using CPAP, your snoring and obstructive sleep apnea will return it cannot be healed. For this reason, CPAP treatment must be used every night.
  • If you are suffering from nose clogging, it is advisable to seek treatment before using a CPAP machine.
  • Some people initially feel the CPAP machine as discomfort associated with the use of CPAP masks and equipment, it feels something extra on the face but these resolve after sometimes.
  • Sometimes it makes you feel Skin irritation or rash where the CPAP mask contacts the face.
  • Many people will not experience any of these problems, and very few people will experience them at all. With professional advice, all of these problems can be resolved to make CPAP treatment pleasant and useful.

Is Your CPAP Working Correctly for You?

Are you using your CPAP machine for a long time?

If you have been using a CPAP unit for some time then possibly it may not be working properly for you anymore the signs will be, This may not feel so comfortable so your snoring will start again and you will wake up tired and will feel drowsy in the daytime.

Using a CPAP mask in good condition will help you to achieve a good night’s sleep. Which is why it’s important to have attention on your mask regularly for signs of wear and tear. If you find any visible signs of cracking, discoloration or tears, then this is the time to replace the part or the CPAP device.

In that case, you might need to change your CPAP machine. As this is an electronic equipment it has a lifespan. So after that much time, you will need to change the device.

After using a CPAP machine so long you may need some different quality product. You must consult a doctor regularly if you use a CPAP device. And we have already provided you the best possible information about CPAP machines to correctly treat yourself with CPAP therapy. And try to check all the details about the product as much about the equipment you are using as you can.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Maintenance:

Everything you use regularly needs to be cleaned otherwise it will not give you the expected result. You need to clean your CPAP mask cushion regularly. You may not realize it, but over time your skin releases oils that can reduce the effectiveness and expected performance. If you wash the mask every morning you can get to use the fresh clean mask your next night.

  1. To clean your CPAP mask: you can wash it by hand by gently rubbing with warm water and mild soap. Avoid hard cleaning products, which may damage the mask, or leave harmful residue. Do not dry it directly under the sun.
  2. Clean your humidifier water tub: after each use, we suggest to washing your water tub by using mild detergent and warm water. Then thoroughly rinse and allow it to dry away from direct sunlight.
  3. You need to check your mask cushion or pillows as they may lose their effectiveness over time through regular wear and tear.
  4. Your humidifier water tub needs to be checked for wear and deterioration. If any component has cracked or become cloudy or pitted, the tub should be replaced.
  5. In Every three months, your air tub should be examined for small holes or tears, especially around the cuff. That could cause air leaks and effectiveness compromisation your therapy. If you find any kind of defect you should replace the tubing.
  6. In Every six months, you should Check the filter at the back of the sleep apnea machine. This part contains dirt. This can impede the effectiveness of your treatment. If you are conducting more to dust you will need to replace the filter more frequently.
  7. Your CPAP mask headgear and chin straps may have lost their elasticity, you may tend to over-tighten the mask, resulting in some discomfort. Replace any part that has become stretched and is no longer providing a good fit.
  8. Replace any part that has developed a leak or become cracked, cloudy or pitted.


At last after all the discussion. We hope that we have made all the possible details clear to you. We have discussed the best 5 CPAP Machines in the market. And its effectiveness as well. So we can say that our recommended 5 CPAP devices can make you feel comfortable while sleeping. We will not say every people will like it but according to most of the user’s review and our research, these are the most effective machines for your sleep apnea. They can reduce the discomforts and can also reduce the health issues which occurs due to sleep apnea like heart attack, high blood pressure, daytime drowsy feeling and much more.