Are you confused in Traditional pocket innerspring vs coil mattress? Now you may be thinking, what is the difference between these two? Where basically these two are more or less same.
There are many mattress users who still have a huge confusion about this two thing. These two have almost the same features but, there are some very minute differences that give these two a different entity. To make your view clear we will discuss this topic in details.

Make a smart choice

Most of the customers don’t have the actual idea of innerspring. They don’t even know what is innerspring? And what is its classification? To know all this we should know about innerspring. Take a deep breath we will help you to get the answer.

Traditional spring mattresses are constructed from a series of connected springs, with a border rod of wire for additional support. Because the springs are connected the system provides excellent support over the entire sleeping area.

An innerspring mattress is also referred to as spring mattress, consists of a steel coil system. You will find that the shapes, designs, gauge, and the number of coils in an innerspring varies, however, there is usually a common pattern found in an innerspring mattress. It means the layers or the structure are used is more or less same.

  • On top of everything sits the cover or the cushion part of a mattress. That is usually made of some fabric.
  • The top padding is usually made of some comfort layer or some upholstery materials. Foams are usually used for the comfort purpose. Not only the foams there are many things like polyurethane foam, visco elastic and gel memories are also used in these mattresses as a topper.
  • Beneath this comfort layer, there is a support layer exists, which is the main support part or the body of a mattress. This main body can be made of hundreds or thousands of steel springs known as coils or may be less than that. This layer decides whether the mattress will be soft firm or medium firm.

These were the different layers of an innerspring mattress. But these innerspring mattresses there are four types. This each of the types has their own benefits and structures as well.

They offer fantastic value for money and come in a range of different comfort levels, from orthopedic through to softer grades. The majority of the support comes via metal coils that run through the width of the mattress.

Types for your smart choice

There are four types of innerspring mattress i.e.

  1. Bonnel or open coil,
  2. Offset,
  3. Encased or pocket coil,
  4. And continuous.

Let’s take a tour of these four types.

Bonnel or open coil

This type of coil features the oldest coil system, usually, this is found in a really cheap mattress. These mattresses feature with a number of hourglass shaped steels and contain the unit that contains a group of tempered steel. It can be made with many different wire gauges to make them more or less firm.

Bonnel or open coil gives average durability and controls motion transfer and support.




This mattress offers coils with a “hinged and shaped (squared) wire” on top which when joined with the coil next to it (with a helical wire), that gives a hinging effect which flexes under softer pressure while the main body of the coil “kicks in” with deeper compression.

They have the ability to be both soft on top and firmer with deeper pressure and can be made firmer than Pocket coils because the individual coils are joined together with a “helical wire” and can “share the load” more than a pocket coil.

For those who need some softness in an innerspring support layer and then firm support underneath this, an offset coil is a very good choice. They are generally the second most expensive form of innerspring.


Encased or pocket coil

Encased or pocket coil

This has the most popular response amongst the user. Pocket coils, in general, have the greatest “response range” that means they can be softer on initial compression and then firmer on deeper compression.

They also have the advantage of providing greater “point elasticity” which is the ability to form itself around your body profile. This means that they are particularly suitable for use in “progressive” mattress designs or with comfort layers like natural fibers which have less elasticity and ability to form a pressure relieving cradle as they can “borrow” this ability to some degree from the innerspring beneath it.

North American made pocket coils are usually (although certainly not always) higher in quality than Asian imports. In the case of pocket coils … more is generally better as more coils allow the use of softer higher gauge wire and give the innerspring a greater ability to help the comfort layer in forming a cradle. If you are comparing here though (for those of you who just can’t resist the temptation to count coils), only compare pocket coils to pocket coils since even rough comparisons between categories can be very misleading and in many cases meaningless.




This kind of coils are made from one continuous wire made into rows with “simulated” coils in each row. These rows are then attached together with helical. They are very simple and inexpensive to make because they do not have the expense of forming individual coils and then placing and connecting them inside the innerspring. Because they use a single wire and are “strongly joined” with their neighboring “coils”, they can provide a very firm support system but have a far lesser ability to shape themselves to a body profile. They are most suitable for a “differential” construction of mattress with thicker comfort layers on top of the coil. In this construction method, they can provide good value in a lower cost mattress because of their low cost of manufacture and the firmness of the innerspring.

Now from all these above-stated coils we have taken the two most popular and preferred innerspring mattress to discuss it further.


The minute differences you must know about

Apparently, it looks same when it comes to open coil and pocket sprung coil mattress. But there are many minute differences that can make you feel differently comfortable or maybe not comfortable for each of the mattresses.

The open coil is the most common type of mattresses, which is interconnected spring system. This is the oldest manufacturing method for mattresses and less expensive as well. This is one of the best-selling product that is widely used. Open coil mattresses are made of single springs fixed together by one wire.

This keeps cooler than a foam mattress. This is approximately 28% cooler that says the Kansas State University Institute of Environmental Research.


  • Open coil innersprings not only stay cool, they also use Active Support Technology to support the spine and contour to the individual curves of the body.
  • This coil inside the mattress gives an extra bouncy feel.
  • It keeps you cool.
  • Eliminates pressure points.


  • It easily traps dust as the structure is made in such a way.
  • It doesn’t distribute weight evenly.
  • It doesn’t move independently.
  • It reliefs fewer pressure points.
  • Not as robust as other mattresses and can be known to ‘dip’ in the middle after prolonged use.
  • This is one of the best mattresses for kids as it lasts between 3-5 years.
  • You can feel your partner’s movement as it doesn’t control toss and turns.

Pocket Spring

This mattress type, unlike the open coil mattress, offers much more support than an open coil. These coils are not inter-connected and each individual spring is covered in a pocket made out of fabric which enables them to work independently.

Pocket spring mattresses can support people with different weight and get in and out of bed or otherwise moving around will not affect your partner. The individual pocket springs adapt to the shape of your body resulting in a significant increase in comfort compared to open coil and may help to relief aches and pains caused during sleep.

Generally, pocket spring mattresses last much longer than an open coil mattress of the same quality.


  • This type of mattress with more springs is more responsive and comfortable.
  • This prevents toss and turns.
  • It keeps you cool.
  • Distributes weight evenly and give support to the pressure point.


  • This traps dust.
  • If you are allergy prone then the dust issue can affect you.
  • Sometimes it becomes costly.

Which one is the best innerspring mattress- Open coil or pocket sprung

We have already discussed the most preferred two coil mattress and their advantages as well. Now it’s time to discuss how it works. These two have all the different aspects to consider.

Generally, it looks same when it comes to coil mattresses but, we don’t get the minute differences between these two.

As we have mentioned about open coil that open coil mattress technology is the oldest form of a coil. And it is connected together across the length and width of the mattress – found commonly in Silent Night, Sealy, Air sprung Mattresses etc.

These mattress types will support you but rely on the filling above the springs to fill in many of the contour gaps. Initially, this is ok, but as time passes these fillings will flatten down and lead to what is known as the ‘Hammock Effect’. Which does not allow your spine to be supported in its natural position? It leads to discomfort growing in your lower back over time.

Actually, an open Coil Mattress is going to last a maximum of about 3-5 years before these effects become apparent.

The key differences with a pocket sprung mattress is the springs are not linked to each other, it allows the mattress to move individually to support your body’s contours in its natural position. This also stops you from feeling your partner’s movement. spring mattress

Are you looking this red sign in this picture these are the pressure points where most of the pains make their appearance? These are the place where the support of the mattress is needed. Otherwise, it will give an ache full start of your day.

A worthy examination

Now to make this thing more exciting we have examined 8 working people for two weeks. We have selected the working people as they maintain their work pressure so in their body, they often feel pains or lack of support. So this examination can be proved in a better way.

In these 8 people, there were 5 women and the rest were men. To examine the features and the benefits whether it really works or not, we have given those people a hybrid mattress which is an open coil mattress for a fast week. We have asked them to report the good or the bad effects of the open coil mattress.

After using the open coil mattress for a week they have reported that some of them who are above 25 years they felt aches in their joints and on the pressure points as well.

Women felt this type of aches more than men. To prevent aches you need support to pressure points which can be gained by an open coil. As it cannot move separately so that it cannot give your desired support to your pressure point. Or maybe the open coil doesn’t suit them.

hammock effect

Now after 1 week we have suggested them to use Eco terra 11” luxury latex mattress which is a pocket sprung coil mattress to see the changes. From the very fast day or two they started to notice the changes. They started to get the pressure point relief after using this for one night.

These type of pocket sprung mattresses contain the coils covered by fabric individually. So it helps to distribute the weight evenly and gives the support to your shoulder, neck hip and lower back.

correct body position

After this examination we can say irrespective of men and women, all have observed less pressure and aches after using the pocket spring mattress.

Considering the fact that coil spring offers a lower price than pocket coil mattress. Taking all the points into consideration the curve for the two mattresses goes something like this-

The choice is yours

Now we can say that you have all the possible details to choose the right one for you and your family. Don’t get cheated in case of the price. Be wise comfort is one the important things. Every mattress has their own ability and benefits as well. So considering all the things for your need you should go for a mattress.

The mattress that we have taken for our examination provides superior quality of support. So these would the idle matches for your desired support and comfort.

Take care.