The name of this pillow says that it provides a customized support that is fully adjustable to your unique shape. The best full body pillows are something that aims people who are suffering from chronicle back pain or perhaps pregnant. So this will be used for many benefits that provide body pillow. You might think that this kind of pillow basically opts for pregnant women which is a myth. This is true that this kind of pillow is roundly purchased for expecting mothers as they avoid sleeping on their back. Experts say this enhances blood circulation to the womb. Not only the experts, we have done several examinations on pregnant women and on some men as well.

Why You Should Choose Comfort U

This claims that it is one of the best body pillows that provide additional support when and where you need it. This product is made up of extremely high heat resistant polyester polymers. This provides optimum comfort during the over long time. It’s suitable for anybody like side sleepers, back sleepers and for pregnant women especially. Pregnant women need some special cares and this type of pillow is one of the best element. This has adjustable clusters that help you this pillow in many ways. This provides the optimum level of comfort and it is quite easy to curl around your body. It helps you stretch out comfortably. This is a breathable pillow, also helps to keep the things cool between your body and the surface. So from all the examination, we can say, that the moonlight slumber is really a worth buying pillow.

Features & benefits

  • It’s suitable for anybody like side sleepers, back sleepers, pregnant women, especially.
  • This is hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant allergy sufferers no longer need to compromise comfort.
  • It gives a great support for sleeping, side sleeping, a great alternative to down pillows, soft, and firm while cooling.
  • The Comfort-U helps align your hips, neck, shoulders and back all while helping to regulate body temperature and enhancing circulation for a deep, restful sleep.
  • It can be shaped to body size. For that, you can simply adjust the fill and spread it out.
  • The pillow material enables a cool feeling throughout the night and doesn’t flat down as it shapes to body contour.
  • This pillow is available in two sizes i.e. Full size and kids’ size.
  • There are four colors available in the market i.e. white, natural, gray plush and navy plush.


  • The weight of this body pillow is low despite its size and so makes it easy to handle.
  • It provides 100 days refund policy. And a long time warranty.


  • For some sleepers, this pillow could be too bulky regarding the dimensions.
  • It is a pretty unstylish product whilst it provides comfort.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Manufacturing

The moonlight slumber presents this comfort U total body pillow. It is full of many good ingredients that will wrap you up totally and, will give you an extra support to align your hip, neck, shoulder, and back as well. And all these good things come with some amazing properties that are included in this body pillow.


  • This maternity pillow and the body pillow contains a synthetic down called fusion fiberfill.
  • It contains the properties that prevent dust mites and allergies. Its fusion fiberfill is odorless, hypoallergenic, stays hygienically clean.
  • This is filled with fusion foss, a synthetic know as an “extended polymer”.  This thing allows air flow freely so, it prevents the user from overheating.
  • It is designed in such a way that ensures that it remains soft, fluffy and completely comfortable.
  • Every strand of this polymer is polished to make sure the fibers easily move against each other so there is no clumping or lumping.

This pillow seems very comfortable for everybody. This provides a lot of support and comfort. No longer will you need to toss and turn all night, as this pillow gives you comfort that you won’t find in any other pillow.


Why We Love Risk-Free Certification (And You Should, Too!)

Moonlight Slumber procures the safest and highest quality materials to build their premium products in America’s heartland, just outside of Chicago, Illinois.  All products are made by the skilled hands of American workers, using domestic components and sourced fabrics. According to these aspects, this pillow is one of the safest product you can use.   What does this pillow bless with? These maternity pillow has already proved themselves as a wonderful company to would be moms. Not only to the moms these pillows are liked by men as well.

  • This brand and pillow are assured never to flatten, clump, or lump.
  • The original Comfort-U full body pillow is long enough to allow you to stretch out.
  • This is plump enough for the support and curved to perfectly cradle your body.
  • Reposition any way you like for watching TV, working or reading in bed, alleviating aches and pains, or simply comforting you into sleep.
  • Made with a synthetic down called Fusion Fiber, the original Comfort-U is lightweight, portable, washable, and indispensable.

This is like a blessing to many women. Most of the women are positive about this body pillow. So not only us most of the moms are recommending it. This pillow has lot more benefits to enjoy.

By its function, you can get to know that not only the expectant mothers but also the aged people or those who want little more comfort and support can use this pillow to get more support and comfort.

  • Athletes looking to soothe aches and pains they can use it.
  • Seniors or those looking to support hips, back, neck or more will be the best option to choose.
  • Expectant mothers who are looking to find a comfortable position during pregnancy.
  • Those recovering from surgery or nursing a baby who needs help maintaining just the right position.
  • Anyone looking for luxury comfort day or night.

Real feedback

So according to all the features and all the customers’ review we can say that yes, this is a highly recommended pillow. This pillow is highly recommended amongst the men as well. A user says “LOVE this body pillow, it has great support from head to toe & made with great quality. It is very heavy & huge but well worth having it for the support it provides”.According to the customer review, this is a product with multitude use. We have considered all the user for the moonlight slumber pillow users. It’s not only made of all the safest materials also uses the best quality cotton on the outside of the cushion, It feels like a Patio Cushion when you lay your head on it. that means your skin will feel so enjoyable. Most of the users say it’s a must buy for the people who love more comfort and support off course. And the very few users didn’t like the feature of the pillow or maybe the need was different.


 Where to buy

As mentioned above moonlight slumber doesn’t seem to have a specific business website. Amazon and eBay also sell their product. But they all charge differently. Money is the most important thing to consider. Some say quality comes with money or some say money doesn’t affect the quality. So these websites are offering same product by moonlight slumber but the price is not same i.e.-

  • Amazon is offering this pillow at $ 109.95 USD.
  • eBay is offering this pillow at $ 137.96 USD.
  • Dessert cart is offering this pillow at $ 1019 SAR (275.13 USD).
  • Walmart is offering this pillow at $ 109.95 USD.

You can buy from any one of this website as they are offering the same product. As money is one of the important things to consider, so I will personally recommend you to buy from Amazon or from Walmart if possible. As they are offering the same price. They are offering two sizes such as full size and kids’ size.

Dimensions of the offered sizes


  • Full size- 60 x 7 x 35 inches
  • Kids’ size- 16.3 x 16.1 x 12.7 inches

No fake promises. The verified reviews only

The brand and the pillow claims all these above-mentioned features. Now the question is do all these features really exist? The answer can be found only from the real user. This maternity pillow is not only found from one online store. There are many websites, from all the websites we have reviewed all the users’ feedback. So that we can produce the real picture of this pillow. You can get much information from this segment as well. A user says “It is exactly as promised and has given me complete body support during sleep. It’s just the right firmness, easy to manage and very versatile…” likewise there are many satisfied users.

  • This pillow has already amazed many users. This is the mostly brought pillow around.
  • User likes its support and comfort most.
  • This pillow is the solution for some aches as well. This helps to cure back pain.
  • This can be proved as an aid for major surgical issues by providing perfect support and comfort.

There are many users who are not happy with the service of the pillow as well. But the number is very less. It’s only just 15% percent of the user.

  • One customer felt like an oven. According to the users, this pillow traps all the heats and gets sweaty.
  • Some customer found it huge, as we already mentioned in the pros and cons section.
  • Very less customer has faced some allergic problem and which is something different problem. As everybody has their own need and problem as well. So it’s not necessary to face that problem with all the user.
  • Some disappointed user says that the pillow gets flat within a week or two.
  • Some customer didn’t find it comfortable and supportive at all.
  • Some didn’t like the design as it has a very simple look and not so eye-catching design.


Now, according to all the users’ feedback and bedding aid’s examination, the pillow has scored tremendously well. In every aspect, this pillow has scored very well. 85% users have voted for this mostly recommended pillow. The user can get softness along with the superior support and comfort. BeddingAid is also recommending this pillow as a must buy. As this gives a good solution to your problem. We have given you all the detailed recommendation or the voting. Now I guess you have all the information to show some faith and to have a good night sleep.