Many people have a passion to sleep. They just love to sleep. Some people go to bed and just sleep for a while like me. I guess same happens to you, isn’t it?

No? Then there can be a ghost that doesn’t let you sleep at night. Just kidding people who cannot sleep properly at night there can be many reasons behind this.

Do you or your partner snore very badly? That can make your sleep lighter. But this kind of heavy snoring may cause sleeping disorder or sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious medical diagnosis that can cause poor sleep quality due to frequent pauses of breathing.

When you get relaxed your muscles get relaxed as well and the breathing path gets narrower and you cannot breathe sufficiently. This thing is called obstructive sleep apnea.

People who are having sleep apnea they don’t even understand what they are going through. And the aftereffect of this disorder.

People with sleep apnea are triggered to wake up suddenly out of sleep and gasp for air in order to reopen their airways.

Sometimes it leads people to death. Because someone with sleep apnea might repeatedly stop breathing up to 30 times every hour.

So we know that prevention is always better than cure. So there are some home remedies that can give you relief.

Results of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a life threatening problem. It can lead your health to a drastic step. This sleep apnea can help to make these below mentioned diseases.

  • Can make you feel doused.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart problem.
  • Irregular heartbeats.
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Liver problems.
  • High blood pressure problems.
  • Increases the chance to heart attack.

Home remedies are always better than any medicated solution isn’t it? Now a days we get almost nothing naturally. Everythingis chemically proven. So this home remedies can make you feel good.

But if you are in an initial stage then the homemade or natural remedies opt for you. There are many homemade solution which can help you get rid of this

  1. Maintain body weight- Many bulky weight people don’t realize they may have sleep apnea.
    And losing weight can be a life-changing process. When you sleep your muscles start relaxing and your nasal passage becomes narrow. Which is why you cannot breathe properly. So sometimes body weight can be a major reason for sleep apnea.
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption-  Alcohol consumption is injurious to health. We all have heard that but few follow that right. Which is why we face a lot of problems. Excess of alcohol consumption can cause this life-threatening problem. Cigarette also puts our health at risk. It will worsen some symptoms of sleep apnea, such as snoring. If you do not want to waken your partner at midnight by the sound of your snoring. Better you quit alcohol and smoke.
  3. Sleeping position- To avoid sleep apnea you can avoid sleeping on your back. As sleeping on your back increases snoring. It has been shown to make the snoring problem worse as it creates pressure on the back of your throat that is tongue and palate tissue. Elevating your head can give you an amazing result for snoring. According to doctors sleeping on your side using a pillow raises your head and gives you little relief.
  4. Tongue exercise- Tongue exercise can bring radical changes to obstructive sleep apnea. If you have a heavy tongue that can fall back during your sleep. So in that case, you can go through some exercise that is throat and nasal exercise.

Throat and nasal exercise:

For this kind of exercise, you can take a balloon or something like that. So that you can blow air. Take a deep breath and don’t stop blowing in the middle.

Repeat at least 4-6 times daily and you will find a great result. As this is an exercise, not a magic which is why you need to do the exercise consistently.

  1. Humidifier- Many people feel comfortable with a humidifier in their bedrooms. As humidifier might make you feel good. It encourages the sinuses to drain helps to pass more air through your nasal passage. In such cases, you can use some oils and rub it on your throat and chest. S that it can help you open up the airways naturally. 
  1. Proper sleeping schedule– Your lifestyle plays a major role in sleeping disorder or OSA. If you have sleep apnea then make sure that you sleep enough i.e. at least 7-8 hours.

And going to bed at the same time regularly is one the important things.

We always want things to be normal but we don’t behave like to be normal. So by having irregularity in your sleeping schedule, your body can not set the cycle. Which makes your sleep lighter.

Making a schedule is the most important thing so that you suffer less.

  1. Healthy diet and exercise- As we have said earlier in this article, that regularity of anything is the most important thing.

In many examinations, it has been proven that by doing exercise and having healthy diet regularly can reduce the snoring problem as well as the sleep apnea.

For that, you need to Exercising four to five times a week for about 40 minutes, following some weight exercise 2-3 days a week.

By doing this type of regular exercise you can get rid of the feeling of being tired all the time.

Even if you do not lose weight it doesn’t matter but what matters is the regular routine.

In diet chart, you should keep some antioxidant supplements to increase antioxidant capacity. As antioxidants have been proven as an improving homemade element.

  1. Bacterial infection- sometimes it happens because of an unclean bed of pillow.

We cannot sense any bacteria by ourselves but there could be many bacteria on your sheet.

In many cases, there are allergens that are the main cause of worse sleep apnea. Therefore, you should clean the pillow every week. Or you can try a wonderful full body pillow.

But don’t you think that this homemade tips can help you as long as you are at an earlier stage?

This tips can be proven effective if you are doing these things regularly so that you can get a precaution.

If you are thinking of your baby then it is quite obvious, that the above-mentioned tips are not at all applicable to your baby. Don’t you worry at all we have the solutions for this problem as well.

Babies and younger ones are delicate to handle. So we need to take extra care of it. And that’s not at all expensive. You can get all the ingredients from your kitchen only.

Yes, you heard it right. You might not know that the very small thing around us offers an excellent service. If a baby suffering from snoring problem as well you can use these quick and easy tips. Like-


We usually use honey for toddler and adults for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling in your throat area. Moreover, it lubricates your throat to avoid snoring. That is common symptoms of the sleep apnea patient.

It promotes relaxation and maintains healthy body weight. It avoids obesity since losing weight is regarded as the indispensable step to treating sleep apnea.

  • You can take a cup of warm water an add a spoon of honey. Have it daily this is regarded as the indispensable step to treating sleep apnea.

Honey & Black Pepper:

The combination of these two is one of the fabulous medicine you can say for toddler and adults.

Use this medicine once daily at night to relieve sleep apnea effectively at home.

  • You can take 1 cup of warm water with 1 spoon full of honey and black paper powder.

Cinnamon, Ginger & Honey: This remedy for sleep apnea in toddlers and adults is the combination of cinnamon, ginger, and honey has its magic solution. Use this mixture daily before going to bed. Ø  Add 1tbsp of ginger and medium size cinnamon stick into boiling water. Ø  Boil for few minutes and strain the liquid afterward. Ø  Add 1 spoon of honey.    

Chamomile Oil & Olive Oil:

This kind of oils opting for sleep apnea. This two oil mixture utilize for treating sleep apnea externally. You can utilize the mixture to massage your neck in several minutes. You will feel an amazing difference.

Use this mixture as you’re convenient.

  • Take 1 tsp. of chamomile and 2 tsp. of olive oil. Make a blend of these two. So this thing you can definitely use for your toddler. As they cannot use a CPAP machine.

But if you are searching for the permanent solution for you, only then these tips are not going to help you.

You must consult a doctor and they can be refer you a CPAP machine. If you are one of them then you can get the proper idea from this link for best CPAP machine (for sleep apnea patient). It provides superior quality services according to your need.